Dear Friend,
On this page, you will find a rich variety of ministry opportunities through which you can worship, learn, serve and participate in building up the body of Christ.
Whether you are new to our Church or have been here your whole life - whatever your age or stage in your faith journey - we invite you to consider how you might cultivate a Christ-centered life.
We all have God-given gifts to offer, and we want to be a place that nurtures yours. Perhaps you would like to read Scripture, or offer your musical talent during worship, or help serve during our fellowship meals. Maybe you will join a Life Group Bible Study or participate in our men's and women's ministry. Whatever you choose will surely enrich your own life as you bless our spiritual home and the world with your gifts and talents.
We are grateful for you and we eagerly anticipate all that we can do together to be Christ's Church in the world.
Sincerely in Christ,
Pastor Kevin 

Friday Night Live

"Don’t let anyone look down on you for being young, instead make your speech, behavior, love, faith and purity an example for other believers.  1 Timothy 4:12 
Young people are the next generation of influential Leaders. Therefore the Friday Night Live leaders passionately invest in their lives to empower and strengthen their relationship with God, enable them to discover individual gifts and talents and become all that God has created them to be.
Friday Night Live welcomes pre-teens and young adults from ages 11 to 18. Through fun, songs and biblical teachings, the ministry plays a positive role in bringing young people together from a variety of backgrounds to make a positive impact in their neighbourhood and communities. Friday Night Live is a place to grow closer to God and make new friends.

Highways & Hedges

Every other Friday evening, church members gather together to saturate the community with prayer, goodwill, and invitations to church. Prayer walking is the practice of praying on location, a type of intercessory prayer that involves walking to or near a particular place while praying. We will also distribute Christian tracts, flyers, and door hangers that share the gospel message.


Kids4Christ Ministry is a ministry with a focus on the young generation... the Next Generation!
In Kids4Christ, we teach children Scriptures through Bible stories, music, games, field trips, and much more. We equip children to carry out God's will for their lives and the Church. In doing so, they will build a relationship with Jesus Christ, as well as their friends and acquaintances.
Kids4Christ children learn to live like Jesus Christ. Among the many lessons they learn, they learn to be compassionate and forgiving. Most importantly, the children learn to share the Good News!

Men's Ministry

Thursday Prayer Meeting

I invite you to join us every Thursday at 6 PM for Prayer Meeting. 
Prayer is vital at Forest Oaks Baptist Church. We know there's power in prayer to unify and empower the church and her membership as well as bring transformation and strength to our community and city. Our Thursday evening Prayer Meeting is considered an essential gathering. Why is the Prayer Meeting vital to our congregation? Because we’re a desperately needy people.

Women's Ministry

The Women's Ministry of Forest Oaks exists to encourage the spiritual development of the ladies involved in women's ministry by developing their understanding that they are an essential part of the church ministry. Group members are encouraged to study notable women in the Bible and the contributions these ladies have made to ministry, such as Phoebe, who was a deaconess and assisted Paul in his ministry, or Priscilla, a co-pastor with her husband Agrippa at the church of Ephesus.
In the Women's Ministry meetings, women are encouraged with Bible studies, encouraged to develop friendships with other women, especially women outside of the Women's Ministry, and inspired to ask God to reveal the gifts and talents God has entrusted to them.  Women are encouraged to become a part of other ministries to meet other people with like interests and encouraged to develop meaningful friendships with other women within and outside of the Church Ministry. 
The Women's Ministry works together to achieve large goals by working together. Goals such as helping the community, Vacation Bible School and various church outreach events.   

Vamos a Cantar - Willow Creek Apartment Ministry

Vamos a Cantar
 Willow Creek Apartment Ministry
El jueves es (Thursdays) @ 6 PM 
(Un relajado servicio de adoración fuera del campus para personas de habla hispana de todas las edades.)
(A relaxed off-campus Worship Service for Spanish speaking people of all ages.)
Located at:
Willow Creek Apartments - Building # 66
7575 Office City Dr. Houston, Texas 77087
Contact Maria Serrano at 832-879-7909 for more information.